Service Plaza Locations:

CT Service Plazas – Improving Your Connecticut Travel Experience

The 23 state-of-the-art CT Service Plazas are located along CT I-95, CT RT-15 (Merritt Parkway) and CT I-395. We are open 24/7 with each offering a variety of leading hospitality and retail brands – including Subway, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and Alltown Convenience Stores/ Mobil Gas Station. All plazas have clean restrooms, free WiFi (I-95 locations) and backup power generators for use during power outages. We also have Tesla charging stations!

Newly Renovated

Project Service LLC has a 35-year contract with the Connecticut Department of Transportation to renovate and operate the Service Plazas. All 23 CT Service Plazas are now fully renovated.

Our GREEN Initiative

The renovated CT Service Plazas qualify to operate to “Silver LEED” standards. A number of the CT Service Plazas utilize photovoltaic solar panels, which decreases its dependence on traditional power sources. Each service plaza also has facilities for single-stream recycling and idle-reduction technology for tractor-trailers. Other environmentally conscious features include water-efficient rest rooms, energy-efficient insulation and lighting, state-of-the-art and super-efficient heating and air conditioning units.

For more information on the Solar Arrays we are generating per location, please click HERE

Ties to Community

Being part of the community is important to the CT Service Plazas. Food drives, coat drives and toy drives at a number of the CT Service Plazas, offers residents an easy location to drop off these goods. A Child Safety Day is held to issue Amber Alert ID cards to parents at a number of the CT Service Plazas. The CT Service Plazas will continue to be part of the community through different programs and outreach.

Take Care of Business Here

Make it a rest stop and take care of business at the same time. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a snack before you continue the rest of your travels. Free Wi-Fi will allow you to safely return calls and texts from our plazas. The CT Service Plazas also has maps to assist in your travels.